Travelling with thyroxine

Travelling with thyroxine
Travelling with thyroxine

May 22, 2014. I have booked a holiday to florida for Nov 2015, who would be the best to buy travel insurance off as I need to declare it due to my thyroxine.

This recommendation has been controversial because of concerns that condensation forming when a refrigerated glass bottle is opened may damage the tablets and affect potency. 2 However, the product information and consumer medicine information note that thyroxine can be stored at room temperature (below 25 o C) for a maximum of four weeks if refrigeration.

When adapting to local time on arrival the traveller should err on the side of a shorter dosage interval rather than extending the dosage interval. The extent to which the risk of travel-related deep vein thrombosis is increased by the combined contraceptive pill is not yet known.

The risk of decreased effectiveness arises with flying west where the time between doses is prolonged if based on local time. Travellers taking the oral contraceptive pill can take a second watch and leave this set to the time at home.

In parts of Asia, Africa and South America 10-50 of prescription drugs may be counterfeit. 5 This causes problems with efficacy and occasionally with toxicity. If travellers have to purchase medicines overseas they need to check the generic name of the item and if possible get advice from a pharmacist.

Can take iodine thyroxine

Nov 3, 2014. I am traveling overseas soon, i take Oroxine every morning 7 am Here in. Australia, need to know how i am going to take it with the time zone.

Patients should only take with them a quantity that is appropriate for the duration of travel and allows for any unexpected delays in returning to Australia. In some instances patients need to contact the embassy of the countries they are visiting to ensure their medication is legal there.

Packing double the quantity of insulin needed and dividing this between hand luggage and checked luggage has been suggested. 4 Insulin should be transported in its original packaging and travellers should take a doctor's letter with a health summary, medication list and a statement about the injecting and testing equipment they are carrying.

If travel is for longer than four weeks, the patient could take a second unopened bottle of thyroxine and refrigerate this after arrival at their destination. Insulin remains stable at room temperature for several months 3 so refrigeration during travel is not necessary.

Advice should be given about any new medicines that are prescribed or advised specifically for the trip such as drugs for malaria prophylaxis. The traveller may also seek advice about which drugs to carry in a medical kit.

Key words: antimalarials, contraceptives, insulin, thyroxine. Aust Prescr 2006; Introduction In 2004, Australian residents made 4.4 million short-term overseas departures 1 and the number of Australians travelling continues to grow. These travellers include many people with chronic illnesses taking long-term treatment, so the need to travel with drugs is common.

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