Thyroxine treatment goiter

Thyroxine treatment goiter
Thyroxine treatment goiter

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Diagnosis is clinical and with determination of normal thyroid function. Treatment is directed at the underlying cause, but partial surgical removal may be required for very large goiters. Simple nontoxic goiter, the most common type of thyroid enlargement, is frequently noted at puberty, during pregnancy, and at menopause.

How is multinodular goitre diagnosed? Apart from taking an initial thorough family and medical history, the patients GP will also examine for physical symptoms and test hormone levels in the blood.

Such as carbimazole, can be used in the short-term to control secretion of thyroid hormones while the diagnosis is being established and further treatments are being considered. Treatment with drugs such as carbimazole can help control thyroid overactivity but this does not lead to a cure, and thyroid overactivity is likely to return if the.

See comment in PubMed Commons below. Abstract The conservative therapy of endemic as well as sporadic goiter is the TSH suppressive therapy with thyroxine. In the last decade, this therapeutic concept as well as the role of TSH in goiter development fell into disrepute.

Insufficient secretion of thyroxine

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There is no reason for most patients to worry about such a normal finding and, as long as the thyroid gland is working normally, many people will not require medical treatment.

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The cause at these times is usually unclear. Known causes include intrinsic thyroid hormone production defects and, in iodine-deficient countries, ingestion of foods that contain substances that inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis (goitrogens, eg, cassava, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage).

 In such instances, surgical treatment or radioactive iodine treatment (also known as radioiodine) may be considered for a more permanent treatment of overactive thyroid.  Some patients opt to continue carbimazole over the long-term to control overactivity.

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A multinodular goitre that is not causing any symptoms, is unlikely to cause problems in the long-term. It is, however, important that thyroid function tests are performed by the doctor periodically.

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However, suppressive therapy does appear to interfere with goitrogenesis in many patients, and recent speculation suggests that it could reduce the risk of thyroid oncogenesis, as well. The American Thyroid Association does not recommend suppression therapy of benign thyroid nodules in iodine sufficient populations 1.

This may be due to a sudden build-up of fluid or blood within a nodule or, very rarely, due to a tumour. Very large goitres may be associated with local pressure effects such as difficulty with swallowing or breathing and require surgical removal.

Any increase in the size of a part or whole of the thyroid gland is called a goitre.  For more information see the article on goitre.  A multinodular goitre is a goitre where there are many lumps (nodules) that appear within the gland. 

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In contrast, most patients with thyroid nodules or sporadic nontoxic multinodular goiters have normal serum TSH concentrations. In them, particularly those with nontoxic multinodular goiters, the thyroid enlargement is probably caused by several growth factors (including TSH) that act over time on thyroid follicular cells that have different synthetic and growth potentials.

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