Thyroxine target organ

Thyroxine target organ
Thyroxine target organ

This study provides the first unequivocal evidence that the mammalian lung is a target organ for thyroxine.

Hormones can be used to control human fertility and have advantages and disadvantages. Hormones are chemicals secreted by glands in the body. Different hormones affect different target organs. The bloodstream transports hormones from the glands to the target organs.

Ovary progesterone uterus Maintains the lining of the womb - suppresses FSH production in the pituitary gland. pancreas insulin liver Controls blood sugar levels. pituitary gland anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) kidney. Controls blood water level by triggering uptake of water in kidneys.

Move the mouse over the different glands to see what they do. Hormones regulate the functions of many cells and organs. The target organ and effects of glands and hormones. Gland Hormone Target organs Effect adrenal gland adrenalin vital organs, eg liver and heart.

The isolated perfused in situ rat lung preparation was used to investigate the chronic effect of thyroxine on the intermediary metabolism in the mammalian lung. Treatment with thyroxine caused stimulation of the rate of glucose utilization (91 /- 11 mumol/g dry weight/hr versus 54 /- 5 mumol/g dry weight/hr).

The increase in the rate of glucose uptake was not accompanied by a similar increase in lactate output. Alanine and pyruvate release were also similar in both groups. The implication is that oxidative metabolism of glucose was increased.

Post thyroidectomy thyroxine replacement

Pituitary gland follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) ovaries Triggers egg ripening and oestrogen production in ovaries. pituitary gland luteinising hormone (LH) ovaries Triggers egg release and progesterone production in ovaries. testes testosterone male reproductive organs Controls puberty in males.

The target organ for epinpehrine are many different organs and tissues, some of which include: the heart, blood vessels in skeletal muscle, blood cessels in skin and viscera, intestines, bronchioles, and the liver.

Prepares body for action - 'fight or flight'. ovary oestrogen ovaries, uterus, pituitary gland Controls puberty and the menstrual cycle in females; stimulates production of LH and suppresses the production of FSH in the pituitary gland.

Hormones are chemical substances that help to regulate processes in the body. Hormones are secreted by glands and travel to their target organs in the bloodstream. Several hormones are involved in the female menstrual cycle.

Norepinephrine is the same for epinephrine. (MORE ).

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3 How to take You may be taking this medicine for the rest of your life. Always take Levothyroxine tablets exactly as your doctor has told you. If you are not sure, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

A 2009 article in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism" found that people who had iron deficiency anemia and low thyroid function do not respond as well to iron supplements.

As the medicines above could potentially make your levothyroxine less effective, you should avoid taking them at the same time of day as your levothyroxine. The occasional dose is unlikely to be a problem, but doing it all the time may mean that the medicine does not work.

Certainc characteristics of a nodule on thyroid ultrasound can provide additional information about its risk of being cancerous. Thyroid Antibodies The majority of diseases causing thyroid dysfunction are caused by autoimmune diaeases.

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