Thyroxine binding and deiodination human lymphocytes

Thyroxine binding and deiodination human lymphocytes
Thyroxine binding and deiodination human lymphocytes

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PubMed Johnson HM, Smith EM, Torres BA, Blalock JE. Regulation of the in vitro antibody response by neuroendocrine hormones. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 1982 Jul; 79 (13 41714174. PMC free article PubMed Smith EM, Johnson HM, Blalock JE.

Endocrine Research Unit and Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Minerva Foundation Institute and Central Hospital of Middle Ostrobothnia, KokkolaFinland. Received, Available online Abstract Binding of triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) to nuclei of intact human lymphocytes was studied.

Get Access Abstract Increasing age in both animals and man has been associated with various alterations in thyroid hormone economy. This study reports no difference in either serum T3, serum T4, or lymphocyte membrane receptor number or affinity in healthy men of increasing age.

Side effects of sodium thyroxine .3 mg

Studies on the bioactivity of radioiodinated highly purified bovine thyrotropin: analytical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Endocrinology. 1981 Oct; 109 (4 11441149. PubMed Ingham KC, Aloj SM, Edelhoch H. Rates of dissociation and recombination of the subunits of bovine thyrotropin.

In hyperthyroidism, T3 and T4 binding capacity was unaltered, whereas in hypothyroidism it was nearly twice as high as in euthyroidism. Lymphocytes from three members of a family with hereditary peripheral resistance to thyroid hormone action were studied.

Available online ign in using your ScienceDirect credentials. Abstract Binding and deiodination of T4 by lymphocytes from euthyroid, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid subjects were studied. Two sets of binding sites were found on normal lymphocytes.

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