Thyroxine and b12 injections

Thyroxine and b12 injections
Thyroxine and b12 injections

Both were in range, June and November. I looked at the symptoms of low B12 and there are MANY.  I had brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration, extreme tiredness, blurred vision, nerve pain in my upper arms and felt suicidal.

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Its also recommended to increase your consumption of meat and dairy products, which can be rich in B12. I highly recommend the book Could It Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses by Sally Pacholok, R.N.

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Home » Janies Blog » Have you tested your B12? Its a deficiency thyroid patients need to catch. (This blog post has been updated to todays date and time. Enjoy!) In 2009, I wrote an article titled.

Clinically she was severely hypothyroid with mental slowness, thickened skin and hair and eyebrow loss. Despite ensuring compliance with oral levothyroxine (up to 1000 mcg a day) and avoiding drug induced malabsorption of levothyroxine, she became progressively more hypothyroid (TSH 82.4 mU/L reference range mU/L, Free T42.1 pmol/L reference range 1020 pm/L suggesting the possibility.

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As expected, there has been a dramatic improvement in the patients physical and mental health. Discussion: This case suggests that intramuscular thyroxine can be used with success in the treatment of refractory hypothyroidism due to malabsorption of levothyroxine.

She also had recurrent iron deficiency anaemia resistant to oral iron therapy, for which no cause was found. Other diagnoses included vitamin B12 deficiency, hypertension, stable CKD stage 3 and epilepsy.

In other words, several of us with mid-range B12 still saw symptoms related to inadequate levels of B12. Getting it up in the upper quarter took those symptoms away. To correct inadequate levels of B12 in working with our doctors, we used high oral B12 in pill or liquid versions (methylcobalamin is the recommended form.

The GP reluctantly agreed to 6 weekly injections of B12.  Two days before my first injection I had the worst nerve pain in my left arm ever.  Within 10 minutes of the first injection the pain significantly subsided and it has not returned. 

To learn more, read the. MTHFR page on STTM. To read more, go here: m/b12 Have you found yourself with low B12? Tell us your symptoms, how you treated it, and how long it took to stop the symptoms.

 My sleep pattern was severely disrupted 12 years ago and 6 years ago I had a small breast cancer and my journey of awakening and constant quest to live a life of optimum well-being began in earnest.

 Thanks to this site and my own persistence, perseverance and persuasion I am well on the way to feeling super human and I have 4 shots to go!   :-).

And Jeffrey Stuart, D.O., who are spearheading B12 awareness. Have high B12? That can be related to the MTHFR mutation Turns out that a high percentage of folks can have a mutation of the MTHFR gene, which makes it hard to break down B12.

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Vitamin B12 is a member of the drug class vitamins. Vitamin B12 is used to treat the following conditions: B12 Nutritional Deficiency, Pernicious Anemia, Schilling Test, Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Drug Interaction Classification The classifications below are a guideline only.

Hashimotos patients may have inadequate levels due to gluten and the destruction it can cause on the stomachanother reason the majority get off of gluten! Symptoms of low B12 can vary from person to person, but can include numbness and tingling in your hands or feet,  tremors, poor reflexes, tongue soreness, leg pain, or difficulty.

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Patients who show poor response to oral therapy are usually found to have inadequate absorption of levothyroxine, or non-compliance. We report a case where intramuscular thyroxine was used successfully in treating a case of resistant hypothyroidism due to possible malabsorption.

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