Thyroxine affect periods

Thyroxine affect periods
Thyroxine affect periods

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MOST people return to almost normal when the dose is finally finalised so keep taking the tablets and be patient. If you feel your periods /pain have altered significantly then ask to see gyny for tests to put your mind at rest.

I won't even go into the last 3 hrs where I have been very perimeno and the joys of that with periods. One thing to remember is that the thyroxine literally saves our lives but it is not the exact same chemicals that our own thyroid would produce just the most important ones that keep.

Interesting - i worked as an advisor for a thyoid support group and have had underactive thyroid since my early 20's. I do know that if you are underactive this can give you very heavy periods and more painful ones due to the heavy bleeding but I would have expected this to hae been an.

Also what age are you as it could just be that you have gone into perimenopause which can start in your late 30's and would explain your symptoms - i ws in my 30's when I started to get your problem of the period stopping for about 12 hrs in middle of period then carrying.

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Most GP's know very little about thyroid glands.

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