Symptoms of coming off thyroxine

Symptoms of coming off thyroxine
Symptoms of coming off thyroxine

Hi. I'm going to be going down this road very shortly myself. But I do have some experience of hypo. I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 2008 and I had horrible symptoms.

I have also suffered with asthma all my life and which I was hospitalised for as a child. Although its milder in adulthood, I continue to take Ventolin and Seretide to control it  both of which I have recently discovered may be affecting my cortisol levels.

I was referred  to a psychiatrist due to symptoms of increased anxiety and heart palpitations even though I was also experiencing a whole range of other physical symptoms such as muscle and joint aches and pains, muscle cramps, swelling of feet, ankles and lower legs, chronic fatigue, extreme hair loss, thinning of outer eyebrows, thickened.

I don't think there is any real answer to a thyroid problem. My advice would be to look at your family ancestry and try to eat in the way they would have done many years ago.

Effet secondaire de l thyroxine

When I was 15 about in 1994. In 1997, in my first year of university I suffered with glandular fever and these symptoms of hypothyroidism worsened, in 1999 my third year at university I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and treated on and off for the next few years with increasing doses of Zoloft.

I smugly told her that my periods were now regular every 28 days, although they weren't before Thyroxine, (oops spoke to soon). I am having bloods done tomorrow, so will see if the positive thinking and alternative therapies have worked.

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It has recently been discovered that I have leaky gut syndrome likely as a result of the chronic constipation which probably means I also have Candida overgrowth in the gut something I am yet to be tested for A sugar-free diet for a few months may very well be on the cards for me in.

However, I am feeling a billion times better than when I was on T4 only treatment. I now have much hope for a much better quality of life, being able to contribute to society in much more positive ways, in the future.

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