Soy milk and thyroxine

Soy milk and thyroxine
Soy milk and thyroxine

To sum up, it is not important, but if you can take your medication an hour before a meal or at bedtime and see if you can get by with a hair less, but I doubt it, especially because you are taking such a low dose already.

Hypothyroidism is generally treated with synthetic thyroid hormone and soy has long been thought to interfere with the body s ability to absorb the medication.

Antacids, iron salts, calcium carbonate (milk sucralfate, cholestyramine and soy-based formulas reduce the absorption of thyroxine. Conclusion There are significant stability, absorption and drug interaction issues surrounding the use of thyroxine.

Some substances bind the thyroxine, making it unavailable for diffusion across the gut wall. Concurrent administration with iron salts, antacids, calcium carbonate (including milk sucralfate, cholestyramine and soy-based formulas may therefore decrease absorption of thyroxine.

Foods that can supply iodine to vegan diets are sea vegetables, although contents vary quite a bit. Fortified foods are also a good source. Iodized salt is about the most reliable source.

Thyroxine hypersecretion

There was one case reported in the medical literature of a person who had to Increase the dose of her Synthroid because she took it at the same time as her high protein soy shake each morning.

Q: I ve recently read that walnuts, soy products and high fibre foods are contraindicated to the efficacy of synthroid. I am hypothyroid, take.75/day, and all of.

Maybe you have an existing medical condition and youre concerned about your soy consumption. Or perhaps, youve heard rumours about the effects of soy on your thyroid. Well, from the detailed research weve tracked down, you dont have to worry about eating whole soyfoods each day although some on medication for their thyroid have been.

Some calcium rich foods and supplements interfere with levothyroxine absorption. There is evidence of certain brands of soya milk being withdrawn from sale.

Sadly I believed her and I think suddenly eating meat again may have made things even harder. I switched endos and he said that I could still be a vegetarian and that small amounts of soy should be no problem.

Then I have soy milk and fiber with my cereal. I am 61 years old, have been on thyroid medications (synthroid, then switched to levothyroxine).

This is reduced to 34 days in hyperthyroidism and prolonged to 910 days in hypothyroidism. Thyroxine has a full therapeutic effect 34 weeks after starting treatment and will continue to have a therapeutic action for 13 weeks after treatment stops.

Administration should preferably be on an empty stomach and be consistent with respect to food and other drugs. The long half-life of thyroxine enables longer dosing intervals of up to a week if required.

According to the National Center or Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM soy foods are safe for most people and may even reduce high cholesterol slightly when you make them a part of your diet.

They went on to state that theoretically, soy could exacerbate hypothyroidism in people whose condition was caused by low iodine intake. People who consume soy should therefore make sure they get enough dietary iodine.

Levothyroxine is usually taken a half hour to an hour before your first meal of the day with a large glass of water to make sure that your body absorbs it properly.

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