Natural desiccated thyroxine

Natural desiccated thyroxine
Natural desiccated thyroxine

Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) includes the entire dried gland and its contents, including all four forms of thyroid hormone (T4, T3, T2, T1 RNA, DNA and co-factors. The pig thyroid closely resembles the human thyroid therefore it provides the multiple components missing in hypothyroid patients.

2 Given that Levothyroxine was listed the SECOND MOST -PRESCRIBED DRUG in the U.S. in 2011 by IMS, is it possible some members of the medical profession have been payed by drug companies to prescribe these medications?

The amounts of T4 and T3 in animal thyroid pills vary among manufacturers and brands, so they're not as precise as their synthetic counterparts. This can make it even harder to find your ideal hormone dosage.

Am I saying that all hypothyroidism sufferers should be treated with natural desiccated thyroid? No not at all. We are each unique and what works best for us is individual. All the treatment options should be made available to find what works best for each patient.

That said, doctors greatly prefer synthetic thyroid hormones for a variety of reasons, mainly because: Animal thyroid pills aren't purified, which means that they contain substances that aren't naturally found in humans.

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Levothyroxine was listed the SECOND MOST -PRESCRIBED DRUG in the U.S., with 104.7 million prescriptions in 2011. 1 Pharmaceutical giants have a lot to lose if doctors stop prescribing T4-only medications, no?

Read my post. Top 5 Reasons Doctors Fail To Diagnose Hypothyroidism. T4-only medications are only one component of the human thyroid gland. What about the missing T3, T2, T1, and other biological components of the thyroid gland such as calcitonin that are missing.

Hmmm. Generations of doctors since the first introduction of T4-only medications, have been trained to prescribe Levothyroxine as the drug of choice for the treatment of hypothyroidism. A list of the 25 most prescribed drugs in 2011 was released in a report by the IMS Institute of Healthcare informatics.

Then in the early 1960s, pharmaceutical companies entered the picture and began to mass produce isolated T4, which is the predominant form of thyroid hormone produced by our thyroid gland. The generic name for T4 is Levothyroxine.

Doctors refuse to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid even though their patients are suffering debilitating even life-threatening symptoms on their current T4-only meds. While mainstream doctors are focusing solely on T4-only medications, they are missing the bigger picture in hypothyroidism treatment options and leaving their patients suffering.

Westhroid by RLC Labs. There is a generic version of NDT made by Acella Pharmaceuticals. Canadas desiccated thyroid made by Erfa is called. Thyroid. There are also compounding pharmacies worldwide that produce compounded versions using the raw natural desiccated thyroid powder.

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The conversion of T4 to T3 is a critical element in this puzzle. By doctors strictly relying on T4-only medications, they are under the faulty assumption that our bodies are properly converting the T4 to active T3.

Pharmaceutical companies patented brand names like Synthroid. These T4-only medications were said to be the new improved treatment for hypothyroidism. Given the number of people suffering from hypothyroidism, T4-only medications presented pharmaceutical companies with an opportunity for big money.

Dont settle. References.

Doctors began using extracts of animal thyroids in the late 1800s. But in the early 1960s, the development of synthetic thyroid hormones overshadowed animal hormones in doctor approval. Since then, animal thyroid hormones have taken a back seat to synthetic hormones.

Hmmm Doctors claim that synthetic T4-only medications are superior to natural desiccated thyroid and consider NDTs outdated and less reliable. Yet there are many thyroid sufferers who claim that synthetic T4-only medications failed to properly treat their hypothyroidism.

However, there are synthetic T3 supplements now available by prescription. Most of the time, T3 supplements are used in preparation of the patients for radioactive ablation in case of thyroid cancer after thyroidectomy due to the shorter half life.

Since NDTs come from a natural animal source they cannot be patented. If mainstream doctors began prescribing natural desiccated thyroid over the patented T4-only medications, drug companies would NOT profit from the sales.

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