Hyposecretion of thyroxine

Hyposecretion of thyroxine
Hyposecretion of thyroxine

In our Physiology and Anatomy course, we are primarily concerned with normal body processes. Occasionally we consider disorders associated with the systems we study. The hypersecretion and hyposecretion of a few of our hormones are considered in this unit.

Reasons for too much thyroxine (T-4) Normally, your thyroid releases the right amount of hormones, but sometimes it produces too much T-4. This may occur for a number of reas ons, including:Graves' disease.

Increased oxidation leads to quick heartbeat, rise in blood pressure, higher body temperature, nervousness, trembling, bulging of eyeballs. The disorder can be rectified by removal of a part of the gland.

This leads to slow heart beat, lower blood pressure, decrease in body temperature, stunted growth, mental retardation, awkward body with pot belly, protruding tongue and pigeon chest and retarded sexual development.

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V) It enhances some action of neurotransmitters : adrenaline and non adrenaline. The special cells called the C-cells secrete calcitonin. It regulates the concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

As the level of thyroxine in the blood increases

TOP OF PAGE THYMOSIN ENDOCRINE HISTOLOGY PAGE NORMAL HORMONE SECRETIONS HOME Further information about melatonin is available through a list of web sites offered by Aeiveos Sciences Group, a biotechnology research and education company dedicated to understanding the causes of aging at m/diet/melatonin/ OVARY You are not responsible for any effects of hypo or hyper.

Ml PARATHYROID GLAND hyperparathyroidism: demineralization of bone resulting in possible bone deformity and fracture, and stones in the urinary tract hypoparathyroidism: decreased plasma calcium levels which can lead to severe muscle tetany TOP OF PAGE PTH ENDOCRINE HISTOLOGY PAGE NORMAL HORMONE SECRETIONS HOME Visit an information page on PARATHYROIDISM : m/peds/top/m PANCREAS hyperinsulinism: hypoglycemia.

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It is characterised by puffy appearance due to accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue because of low metabolic rate and retarded oxidation. The patient lacks alertness, intelligence and becomes lethargic.

The Pituitary Tumor Network Association offers a full guide to services, resources and professionals in pituitary specialties. "Dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being for all patients with pituitary adenomas or afflictions m/ THYROID GLAND hyperthyroidism: Graves's disease, considered an autoimmune disease, shows elevated metabolic rate, excessive perspiration, rapid, irregular heartbeat, nervousness and.

Death occurs with lack of treatment. TOP OF PAGE ADRENAL HORMONES ENDOCRINE HISTOLOGY PAGE NORMAL HORMONE SECRETIONS HOME Further information regarding Addison's Disease is available from the "Wellness Web m/index/m Further information regarding Cushing's Syndrome has been prepared by Dr.

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