Can you lose weight on thyroxine tablets

Can you lose weight on thyroxine tablets
Can you lose weight on thyroxine tablets

Fortunately though, as you have discovered, thyroid disorders can be controlled by medication. Many people with an underactive thyroid gain a lot of weight before a diagnosis is made or if the condition is poorly controlled.Votes:

This is not the kind of situation where taking the drug now leads to problems in the years ahead. This is a problem which could occur now. However, it is not just her heart which is at risk.Question My sister is overweight and has bought thyroxine tablets off the Internet. She has lost a lot of weight very quickly as a result of taking these tablets but I am concerned for her health.

And if you are anorexic you may well die. There are better and smarter choices you can make. Please see a physician. Votes: 4 First you should learn English so that you would know that you cannot loose weight.A: An underactive thyroid condition occurs when the thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient amounts of the thyroid hormones that help regulate the bodys metabolism. A lack of these hormones decreases metabolism, causing symptoms such as weight gain, tiredness, depression, poor concentration, dry skin and constipation all things youre likely to be familiar with.

Elevated serum thyroxine levels

You can lose weight if you expend more calories than you take in. Meaning back away from the table! Votes: 1 Thyroid hormone should not be used to treat obesity in patients with normal thyroid function.If you are sticking to your daily calorie allowance recommended by WLR, you should be losing weight at your chosen rate. The fact youre not achieving this indicates one of two things either you are underestimating your calorie intake, or your thyroid problem is not adequately controlled.

Youll find more information about hypothyroidism on the British Thyroid Foundation website, f-thyroid. org.This partly explains the weight loss. However it even makes heart muscle go more quickly and she is putting herself at risk of a whole range of heart problems. It might not take long before these develop.

But if you are being prescribed the correct dose of thyroxine, theres no reason why you cant lose weight through sensible eating and taking more exercise. However, you should bear in mind that treatment with thyroxine doesnt result in an immediate recovery it can take up to nine months for the symptoms to improve and.I suggest you keep a food diary for a week, making sure you record every single item you eat. If, at the end of the week, you discover you really are sticking to your calorie allowance, you might want to see your GP to check whether you are having the correct dose of thyroxine.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Can there be any health problems for her if she continues to take these tablets? She has gone down two dress sizes in just weeks. Answer.She really needs to see her GP soon and to get off these pills while her body is monitored using blood tests. Yours sincerely The NetDoctor Medical Team Last updated.

The others have already given you information. I find it hard to believe someone has left over thyroid medication. Once on these medication one is on it for life. You are definitely playing a dangerous game.By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD Q: After gaining weight and having no energy to exercise, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. Now having been on thyroxine I have more energy and am back at the gym twice a week.

Home Forums Members Copyright 2015 HealthyPages Website by. HealthHosts.But instead of losing weight as my doctor promised, Im continuing to put on weight. Does this mean that even when treated, an underactive thryroid will make it impossible for me to lose weight?

This is a very crazy thing to do! Thyroxine has an effect on every part of the body. If she does not have a thyroid problem then adding extra thyroxine makes all her cells go more quickly.There is no pill to lose weight without major side effects. But this is a hormone and much damage can be done. Whether you are obese or not, please use your common sense.

Levothyroxine is ineffective for weight reduction in normal thyroid patients and may cause serious or life-threatening toxicity, especially when taken with amphetamines. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks associated with this medication.I'm not sure how many tablets she is taking but I think one tablet is 0.5 micrograms (I'm sure she takes two or even three a day). She does not have any problems with her thyroid but her friend did and that's how she knew what the tablets did.

Every organ of the body may be affected by an excess of thyroxine. Also, the body will try to cope with this thyroxine by shutting off the normal function of the thyroid gland over time, so when she stops the tablets she might find she runs into trouble from not having enough natural thyroxine to.Posted: by nickki 116 Topics: thyroid disease, levothyroxine, weight, thyroid Details: health risk or problems i can encounter using this drug to loose weight. Added : Some of the Side Affects I can encounter ello Nickki.

According to all that I have read, there is the hair loss issue and possible weight gain. I did not "opt in" to this. Where are my rights as a consumer to decide what medications I take and what side effects I can or cannot live with.Acid, base and hydrochloride i-Carboxy1- R A, HO. CHCH, NH A, N, - NH - - OR - - - IIIII IV Page 2 ofadded label 100 49.2 5.2 3.3 NE 5 nA DHBA #149 o -I- 2468 Time (Mm) Fig.2.

Because levothyroxine tablets are simply replacing a hormone which occurs naturally within the body, side effects are rare. Occasionally, individuals with angina may find that their pains worsen when they first begin taking levothyroxine, and if this is the case they should inform their GP as soon as possible.But based on this, besides the postpartum time for a patient, her doctor will be wary of "thyrotoxicosis" in the early to mid 2nd trimester as well. Treatment of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy is a little more challenging than treating hypothyroidism (where merely supplementing T4 may be enough). 

Death occurs with lack of treatment. TOP OF PAGE ADRENAL HORMONES ENDOCRINE HISTOLOGY PAGE NORMAL HORMONE SECRETIONS HOME Further information regarding Addison's Disease is available from the "Wellness Web m/index/m Further information regarding Cushing's Syndrome has been prepared by Dr.Despite the many flaws of this approach and mounting evidence 4 7 from quantitative pharmacological methods, very few examples exist where exposureresponse relationships obtained in children are used to define dosing regimens in the paediatric population.

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