Can i take sea kelp with thyroxine

Can i take sea kelp with thyroxine
Can i take sea kelp with thyroxine

Taking Kelp and Levothyroxine?. Do not stop taking the medications without a physician s advice. Disclaimer. content loaded dynamically Filter.

The most common kelp side effects include. oceans as well as the Baltic Sea and. side effects may be linked to kelp s iodine content and.

Gegtoeproc kelp instead of synthroid We realized I had been taking L. Thyroxine. about kelp and synthroid together I. Sea. I can take Kelp the.

Dr. Feldman on can i take kelp. I ve heard that sea kelp 150mcg should. Anyone with a thyroid hormone deficiency can take brand name thyroxine to.

I also take Kelp tablets. Unless you break this cycle by taking thyroxine orally then it will continue.

If you have an undamaged, but merely sluggish gland. and if you have a low blood level of iodine, the kelp might help your gland produce more hormone.

High thyroxine during pregnancy

Kelp can t take the place of levoT if you are severely hypo or if you have autoimmune hypoT. Sea Kelp - Good idea? Bad idea? Carol3: Thyroid Disorders: 4.

It doesn't supply hormone. If you have autoimmune hypoT, the most common type, the gland has suffered damage from that and can't make use of the iodine the kelp provides. Most AI hypoT folks feel worse when they take extra iodine.

I am taking thyroxine for an under-active thyroid. so I would suggest you eat lots of sea vegetables, especially dulse and kelp.

And the only treatment is to take a thyroxine at is what synthroid is,. Will a kelp supplement replace synthroid?

Best Answer: Doesn t matter for spit. just another waste of money scam. What s kelp?

I have been researching the web for that all important miracle supplement that will help and have bought sea kelp. kelp and iodine can. take thyroxine.

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