Can i take kelp with thyroxine

Can i take kelp with thyroxine
Can i take kelp with thyroxine

What should I do with my dosage of thyroxine? View Answer. It is a curious fact that, when patients have had an illness of any kind, they will then ascribe any type of symptom to the original illness.

Aug 9, 2009. Too much can lead to hyperthyroidism, a hard-to-treat devastating condition. have been described, this occurred mainly while taking kelp tablets. After 3 months of levothyroxine substitutive therapy, normal thyroid.

6. A little over a year ago my doctor discovered a nodule and advised me that he would watch it and possibly prescribe thyroxine. Since then I developed another nodule and a cyst and experienced pain in my throat.

The tests always come back completely normal. Yet, I have been reading that these tests are not accurate and that measurements of body temperatures are more accurate. Moreover, I understand that I should be taking thyroid medication for these symptoms despite normal thyroid function tests.

Is it not strange that these two conditions have occurred in our family? View Answer. Both of these are termed "autoimmune" thyroid diseases: that is, they are both due to antibodies. In the case of the overactive thyroid, the antibody that has caused that condition stimulates the thyroid, and thus causes Graves' disease.

In summary, patients should inform their physicians when they have had any procedures with iodinated dye within the preceding year. Furthermore, patients should not take over-the-counter products containing iodine or thyroid hormones but, if they do, they should tell their physicians.

Thyroxine milk products

Studies have shown NO reduction in bone mineral density, and no osteoporosis when thyroxine is taken even in suppressive doses. Only when patients have had actual Graves' disease - "overactive thyroid is there a risk of osteoporosis and even that risk is small.

NOT in this country. We have had iodized salt for two generations, and there are many other sources of iodine now in our diets so that, if anything, we are receiving more iodine than in most places in the world.

If you miss a dose, you may double up the next day. If you miss more than one day, double up for as many days as necessary to catch up. Levothyroxine is best absorbed when it is taken: On an empty stomach With water only One hour before or two hours after eating.

Nevertheless, one should strive for ideal therapy and the ideal for hypothyroidism is to have all tests of thyroid function normal. 8. I have an overactive thyroid, yet my sister has an underactive thyroid, just the opposite.

5. An aunt has papillary thyroid cancer and was treated. Several months ago my family doctor found a thyroid nodule on my neck and referred me to a specialist. I understand thyroid cancer is hereditary and although my doctor reassures me, I am frightened that I too may have thyroid cancer.

It is the first test to rise when thyroid function is at all low. Indeed, it will go up even before the thyroid hormone levels are detectably lower. This is a category termed "compensated" hypothyroidism.

In most cases, there are iodine-free substitutes available for medications containing iodine; however, sometimes an iodine-free substitute is not available. For example, some patients cannot discontinue amiodarone, a very effective iodine-rich medication for control of dangerous hearth rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias).

Taking thyroxine when you do not need it, is also of some danger and cannot be encouraged. Finally, skin temperatures are of no value in diagnosing hypothyroidism despite assertions to the contrary by some.

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