50 mg thyroxine enough

50 mg thyroxine enough
50 mg thyroxine enough

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I really don't want to go back on Thyroxine, I certainly improved when I first started taking the drug, however later on I went down hill even though I was taking 175 regularly.

I did not go back to him as I found him to be unsympathetic and obviously a number cruncher. I have tried homeopathy, acupuncture and kelp in the last few months.

How thyroxine tablets work

I wish everyone with this problem the very best of luck, take control don't leave it all to the Doctors! Binna 1 vote Report Share reply to Binna.

And here's the rub, he told me to stop taking Thyroxine straight away and have another blood test in 6 to 8 weeks time! So I did as I was told, had the blood test and back in April I was 8.3 T4 and 4 TSH.

He considered that I was 'NORMAL ' and my original levels were never below the blood test levels (I was borderline). His opinon - my GP had made a mistake, (bless her, she was treating me for the symptoms and looked at me as a whole person and not just a blood test number).

I don't think there is any real answer to a thyroid problem. My advice would be to look at your family ancestry and try to eat in the way they would have done many years ago.

My levels were all over the place TSH was low, T4 was going low too, GP thought maybe a pituitary problem. So I was finally referred to an endo consultant earlier this year, after two years of taking thyroxine.

That probably means low carbs for most people! Look at yourself holistically, check out any food intolerances, try to get out and take some form of exercise even for at least 20 mins, even though that's probably the last thing you feel like doing and generally listen to your body.

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